Husker Pit shape poems

Today we have been researching the Husker Pit disaster, this happened on 4th July 1838 in Barnsley. It is believed that 26 children between the ages of 7 and 17, working as ‘hurriers’ and ‘trappers’, were drowned after the dayhole through which they were attempting to escape from the Husker (or Huskar) Pit at Moorend was flooded.

This happened during a summer thunderstorm when a clap of thunder was mistaken for an explosion. Forty-four children were working below ground and, ignoring instructions to stay where they were, they decided that, if there had been an explosion, the dayhole was a quick and safe way out.

It was after this tragic event that the Mine Act of 1842 was established prohibiting all females and boys under ten years old from working underground in coal mines.

This inspired us to write shape poems using Tagul; please click on the individual blogs to read and comment on 6Js work. 🙂

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