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Hi 6CJ, you’ve now all got your own blog page with your own URL and QR code, which will be used for our learning wall in class.

Below is a step by step guide to get you up and running with your posts:

1. Log in (as you)
2. Create a new post.
3. Click on your name in the list.
4. To enlarge the page click the ‘distraction free writing mode button’
5. Type in the title of your post.
6. Start typing – remebering: capital letters (incliding capital ‘I’, punctuation, grammar and speling.
7. To add an image, go to compfight, the images above the grey line are copyrighted and cannot be used, use the images below the line.
8. Click on the image you wish to use and then click ‘share’.
9.  Click on the size of image you want and then ‘grab the html code’.
10. Right click to copy the code.
11. Go back to your post and at the top you will see two buttons, visual and text.
12. Click on ‘text’ and ‘right click’ paste the code in, then click on visual and voila…your image should appear.

Mrs J 🙂

Rosie the Blogger


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